Eclypses provides technology, services,
and education to secure sensitive
digital information, while mitigating risks
and protecting reputations and assets,
utilizing our proprietary-patented
MicroEncryption® MicroTokenization® solutions.

When data is your #1 asset,
why rely on standard encryption?

STOP using REAL data!

Your data can be hacked or stolen.

MicroTokenization® replaces data elements with tokens, transforming data in transit into random strings of characters that have no meaningful value to hackers. For data in storage MicroEncryption® adds another layer of security by encrypting and scattering unrelated segments across multiple hard drives in multiple locations.

Data in Transit solution for securing industrial and mobility IoT applications. Learn How.

Private Digital Vault for protecting data at rest including payment processing. Read More.

CertainSafe® Private Digital Safety Deposit Box subscription service to securely share private data with your team and customers. Start Here.

"With the current techniques and safeguards in place, as well as the algorithms being used in MTE Authentication Token generation, the MTE technology was unassailable and unable to be compromised during the testing"

- Penetration Testing Excerpts from H2L Solutions, Inc. - Executive Summary

Data In

Eclypses MicroToken solutions for securing data in TRANSIT

Eclypses MicroToken Exchange® (MTE) secures data in transit by acting almost as an invisible shield or a translator between the sending device and the receiving device.MTE can be deployed in a variety of ways that include replacing command or transmission data with a MicroToken just before the packet is sent. MTE can additionally be utilized to send larger data elements, while acting as a hybrid key management system, allowing for ultra-high security, very high speeds and very low latency. Our newest application allows for the deployment of MTE within Web Assembly framework, to secure sensitive transmissions to and from webservers. Eclypses MTE is an elegant architecture and works with most any communication protocol.

The Eclypses Commander is the MTE solution for data in transit that works in the application layer of your system and is easy to implement.

Internet Of Things

Eclypses is uniquely suited for resource constrained devices.

Eclypses Commander II is the solution for low power and low resource devices that need to communicate securely at near real time speeds. Our small footprint alleviates limited cpu and memory constraints from impacting security and prevents those resources from being pulled from the devices primary purpose. Some of these devices have very limited network and communication options, the Eclypses Commander II allows you to use whatever means necessary to communicate while providing proper authentication and authorization without additional overhead. Spend your resources on what matters to you without worrying about compromising security.

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Bulletproof security that does not require encryption.

Requires NO key management by you.

Eliminates the ability to replicate discernable values.

Data At

Eclypses MicroToken solutions for securing data at REST

The Eclypses MTE has several solutions for securing data at rest that can be accessed through a variety of ways. Eclypses secures your data by replacing any size file or data element with a MicroToken, ensuring that if there is ever a breach in your system that hackers will not be able to get any discernable value from what they access.

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Digital Vault

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Payment Services

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Digital Safety Deposit Box

Industry Compliance

Our MicroToken solutions conform to several industry compliancy regulations and can remove the burden for your company.