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If data can be HACKED or STOLEN
STOP using REAL data!

The Eclypses MicroToken Exchange technology
REMOVES the need to transmit or store REAL data.

How to STOP using REAL data!

Eclypses provides several MicroToken solutions that eliminate the vulnerability of storing and sending real data.

Each solution effectively removes the ability for intruders to discern any value from storage or transmission.

We provide solutions for transmitting commands between connected devices, storing and retrieving documents and data in any form, as well as secure payment services.

"The Eclypses approach to cloud security may be the most brilliant and effective that I've seen to date, in an area that is critical if Net-based commerce, applications, and transactions are to go forward."

- Mark Anderson, FiRe chair and CEO of the Strategic News Service

Data In

Eclypses MicroToken solutions for securing data in MOTION

The Eclypses MTE secures data in motion by acting almost as an invisible shield or a translator between the sending device and the receiving device. Our MTE replaces your command or transmission data with a MicroToken just before the packet is sent. Once the packet has reached the receiver it is translated back into the original command or data. The Eclypses MTE is easy to implement and works with any communication protocol.

The Eclypses Commander is the MTE solution for data in motion and works in the application layer of your system and is easy to implement.

Bulletproof security that does not require encryption.

Requires NO key management by you.

Eliminates the ability to replicate discernable values.

Data At

Eclypses MicroToken solutions for securing data at REST

The Eclypses MTE has several solutions for securing data at rest that can be accessed through a variety of ways. Eclypses secures your data by replacing any size file or data element with a MicroToken, ensuring that if there is ever a breach in your system that hackers will not be able to get any discernable value from what they access.

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Digital Vault

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Payment Services

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Digital Safety Deposit Box


Our MicroToken solutions conform to several industry compliancy regulations and can remove the burden for your company.