Eclypses Careers

IoT Software Engineer – II

Colorado Springs

This position is responsible for assistance with creation, maintenance and support of Eclypses prototype applications.  This developer will enjoy collaborating with other team members to ensure our prototype applications fully integrate with popular IoT platforms and our Eclypses MTE engine.


  • Join with remainder of team in keeping security and data confidentiality as the highest priority
  • Assist with ongoing maintenance and support of existing prototypes and demonstration systems
  • Help design, create and implement a “Secure Smart Room” utilizing the Eclypses MTE
  • Assist in integrating the Eclypses MTE into Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Wink, Google Home and other IoT platforms
  • Maintain a positive and supportive work ethic
  • Contribute to a dynamic and positive work environment
  • Able to take direction from a variety of sources
  • Keep direct managers abreast of all issues and their resolution
  • Design, develop and test systems and applications to use the Eclypses Micro Tokenization Engine
  • Contribute to and support the methods and patterns established by the Secure Cloud Systems development team
  • Other duties as required


  • Good Communication Skills
  • Demonstrable Teamwork Skills
  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt to an ever-changing and dynamic environment
  • Demonstrated knowledge of IoT concepts and protocols
  • Demonstrated experience in designing entire infrastructure systems
  • Experience with SOC and or COC hardware
  • Working knowledge of iOS and / or Android development environments
  • Working knowledge of C++, Java, and C# (dotNet Core)
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio or equivalent IDE
  • Familiarity with various flavors of Unix (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc)

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