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Eclypses' industry leading cybersecurity software, MicroToken Exchange®,(MTE) continues to help its' clients protect their most sensitive and private information from cybercriminals and cyber terrorists today. With the next generation of technological advancements, and the advent of quantum computing, there still remains a requirement for innovative cyber security assurance measures to protect against and prevent new vulnerabilities. The results of such cyber-attacks can be disabling, catastrophic and financially debilitating in many ways. Eclypses has solved this problem of protecting data with our innovative, disruptive and patented technology, MicroToken Exchange® (MTE).

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Eclypses has invented a new "Quantum Resistant" disruptive framework known as MicroToken Exchange®, or "MTE", utilizing methods which replace actual data with MicroTokens, or MicroToken clusters. This occurs throughout the process of storing and/or transmitting of sensitive data elements depending upon the application.

Eclypses MTE concepts are unlike any other approach in the world today, as MTE makes data exploitation impregnable, as systems and connected devices remain unscathed, stable and secure. It is both unique and elegant in its brilliant design and architecture. In most cases, there is no requirement to change or add additional hardware or method of communication. MTE is applicable to Data-At-Rest, Data-In-Transit, Iot, IIot and commands to connected and or "Intelligent" devices.

We don't make the THINGS you use, we make the THINGS you use more secure.

Eclypses provides a paradigm shift in encryption capabilities for data transmission and storage. Because MTE is "designed to be easily implemented with any existing software requiring low amounts of processing power and memory to work in a resourced constrained environment," it is a natural solution in most enterprise, government, military and national security applications. Low latency for secure command & control systems is of paramount importance and is strongly desired by key decision makers.

The U.S. Government represents a significant opportunity for the company to expand the Eclypses revenue base in a key area: the American national security sector. With an annual spend greater than $700 billion, it represents a massive market for commercial sector technologies with many diverse buyers. Yet, it is also idiosyncratic with numerous regulatory, compliance, and business barriers to entry that are further enabled by the heritage defense, industrial base serving the sector (e.g. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, etc.)

The potential use cases for securing Internet of Things (IOT) and blockchain in the national security industry will continue to grow exponentially and will be a key market for Eclypses.

Eclypses is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can contact Eclypses at 719-323-6680 or via email at

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