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Our mission is to provide organizations and individuals with technology, services, and education, for the secure management of their sensitive digital information, assisting them to mitigate risks and protect their reputation and assets.

A portion of our uniqueness is in our ability to provide the highest level of data security while maintaining flexibility, adaptability, and accessibility with the use of our own proprietary MicroEncryption® solutions, of which we maintain within our PCI DSS Level 1 Certified redundant co-located environments.

While our platform has taken years in the makings, our core technology was initially deployed in 2010 for use by a Fortune 25 company. The initial deployment was implemented to protect commercial data processing and continues to be utilized for that purpose today.

Our hybrid cyber security platform, without risking the exploitation of sensitive data, supports and simplifies the capability to analyze, share, and distribute mission critical information seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Moving forward, we believe that the combination of CertainSafe's modular platform and the methodology in which it provides protection as well as accessibility will change the way data is stored. For additional information please send email, (or read more about us under CertainSafe Resources / News & Public Relations).

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