Eclypses Announces Integration of Its MicroToken Exchange Cybersecurity solution Into FEV North America's Gateway

Software and hardware integration creates strongest security for end-to-end smart vehicle communications

February 27, 2018 – Colorado Springs, CO – Eclypses', an industry leader in cybersecurity software, and FEV, an internationally recognized vehicle development services provider, has joined forces to create a powerful partnership in the communications security industry with the integration of Eclypses MicroToken Exchange (MTE) software into the FEV Cyber Security Gateway.

"Eclypses and FEV are working closely together to safeguard smart vehicle integrity by creating an impenetrable system that will lockout cyber threats," said Steven Russo, Executive Vice President at Eclypses. "This formidable combination of our MTE software and the FEV Cyber Security Gateway sets the pace in the transportation industry for secure end-to-end vehicle communications.

The integrated Eclypses / FEV technology was recently demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES is recognized worldwide as the stage for showcasing innovations and breakthrough technologies that are being introduced into the global marketplace.

The Eclypses MTE software keeps cyber intruders from uncovering usable data during transmission or while being stored by replacing the real data with MicroTokens™. In the integrated Eclypses / FEV solution, MTE replaces commands with a MicroToken just prior to its transmission. Once the transmission is received, it’s translated back into the original command.

Real data can easily be hacked or stolen and eliminating the use real data by substituting MicroTokens stops cyber criminals and terrorist from getting their hands on usable information. MTE is lightweight in terms of both its code and negligible latency, compatible with all communication protocols, and easy to integrate into other platforms such as the FEV Cyber Security Gateway.

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About Eclypses

Eclypses' industry leading cybersecurity software replaces user data with MicroTokens to provide the highest level of data privacy available. With the company’s patent pending MicroToken Exchange technology, real data is never exposed when transmitted or while stored on servers and remote devices.

Applications range from secure command and control needs, including Internet of Things (IoT), to secure storage and retrieval of sensitive data, such as credit card information and healthcare records. The inventors of the MTE were instrumental in early implementation of the "Check 21" system, allowing processing of imaged checks directly to the Federal Reserve.

About FEV

The FEV Group, with headquarters in Aachen, Germany, is an internationally recognized vehicle development services provider. FEV’s expertise ranges from consulting to the development and testing of innovative vehicle concepts through readiness for serial production. In addition to traditional engine and transmission development, vehicle integration, calibration, and the homologation of state-of-the-art gasoline and diesel engines, increasing importance is being placed on the development of hybrid and electric powertrains as well as alternative fuels. FEV experts focus on the advancement of electronic control systems, as well as connected vehicles and automation.