Executive Briefs

General Data Protection Regulation

general data protection regulation

Secure and Protect Your Customer's Private Data During Transmission and Storage.

Securing Data With A Private Digital Vault

securing data with a private digital vault

How to Protect the Most Sensitive Information in Your Organization.

SecureData 365 Case Study

SecureData 365 Case Study

How to Secure Data in a Private Digital Vault.

Healthcare Use Case

Healthcare Use Case

Protecting Sensitive Information in Healthcare Organizations

Online Banking Executive Brief

Online Banking Executive Brief

ATM Security Solution for Protecting Private Data

Medical Security Solutions Use Case

Medical Security Solutions

Use Case Solution: Medical Security Solutions

DATA-IN-TRANSIT Web Application WebMTE


DATA-IN-TRANSIT Web Application

The MicroEncryption<sup>®</sup> Process

The MicroEncryption® Process

MicroEncryption methodology, developed by Eclypses.

The MicroTokenization Process

The MicroTokenization® Process

A Solution to Vulnerabilities For Connected &
Intelligent Devices



Protecting Commands, Control And Data Transfers with UAV’S.