Internet Of Things

Utilize resources on what matters
without compromising security.

We don't make the things you use, we make the things you use secure. End to end payload protection in a world of connected devices. Download our whitepaper to find out how the Eclypses Commander II can safeguard your IoT infrastructure

Device Data

Your device's data is important!

In today’s world of interconnected devices, the amount of data (much of which is sensitive) is travelling between low-powered devices and hubs where that data is analyzed, transformed, and often used to control specific devices or feed into analytical engines. This aggregated information is quite often used to determine behaviors, trends, or other data points used to determine critical business, diagnostic or manufacturing decisions.


Is your data safe?

Since managing information at the source is extremely important to safeguard these downstream decisions, are you sure that the validity, confidentiality, and authenticity of that data is intact? If you place value on that information from the source, are you absolutely certain that it has not been tampered with? This is important if you have any type of wireless communication involved in that transmission. It is especially pertinent if any type of public network is part of the medium of transmission.

Commander II

IoT Problem

The lack of storage and processing power within IoT devices makes them unable to use modern encryption and security best practices for data in transit. This is especially difficult when it is necessary to communicate at near real time speeds.

Eclypses Solution

The Eclypses Commander II’s incredibly small footprint and low processing requirements, allow IoT devices to provide users with modern security approach that is more secure than standard encryption. On top of the data in transit security Commander II provides inherent authentication and data validation that standard encryption can't provide

Traditional Solutions

  • Vulnerable to encryption key exchange exploits
  • Subject to various replay and man in the middle attacks
  • Difficult key management and rotation
  • Vulnerable to Quantum computer attacks
  • Difficult to ensure that only intended parties have access to the data
  • Broad data security as best practice
  • Inability to effectively secure low resource devices

Eclypses Solution

  • No encryption key transfer is needed
  • MicroToken packets are instantly obsolete and completely random
  • Keys are managed automatically
  • Quantum resistant
  • Verify the right person is the only one who sees the data
  • Granular data security approach
  • High security with low resource requirements

Find out how the Commander II Works!

Download our whitepaper to get more in depth information on the technology behind our solution for IoT and find out how the Eclypses Commander II can safeguard your IoT infrastructure