Live Podcast by RANE Network

The digital information stored on your computers and in the cloud is the lifeblood of your organization. You know it, your customers know it, and would-be hackers know it too. Cyber criminals are constantly using new techniques to access your “crown jewels” because the barriers most companies put in place simply are not adequate.

This is particularly true for the data you warehouse, known as data at rest. From financial information to medical records and intellectual property, adversaries work very hard to bypass conventional and outdated methods of data protection.

Yet, there is a way to prevent your company from becoming the next victim of a catastrophic data loss – even if the bad guys manage to breach your defenses.

In this podcast, RANE CMO Greg Radner interviews David Schoenberger, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Eclypses. David has been in tech startups since the late 90s, having founded several tech companies in payment processing, cybersecurity, and predictive intelligence. He assists clients in protecting data communication between any connected devices or end-points – including private information on a web browser in an unsecure network, command communication to an autonomous device, and data communication supporting critical infrastructure. In addition to his role at Eclypses, Schoenberger also serves as a Principal at Disruptive Development Strategy, and is the Founder of the Innovative Energy Laboratory.

Eclypses is a cybersecurity software company whose product replaces commands and/or data with MicroTokens to ensure data privacy and protection. Applications of the firm’s technology range from secure command and control needs, including Internet of Things (IoT), to secure storage and retrieval of sensitive data, such as credit card information and healthcare records.

Eclypses offers a patented cybersecurity technology to protect data that is in transit or at rest. This solution addresses the vulnerabilities of commands and data moving between paired devices. Eclypses also offers a digital wallet called the KryptiWallet - whose underlying security technology is the Eclypses MicroToken Exchange (MTE) technology - that was designed to secure digital blockchain assets.