Securing Data At Rest

Eclypses MicroToken solution for securing data at REST

Near Zero Possibility of a Mass Data Breach

To secure your data at rest, Eclypses' MicroToken Exchange® (MTE) solution can be accessed through API's, cloud services, or directly installed onto your systems. Eclypses initially replaces any size file or data element with a MicroToken that serves as a placeholder for the original data. The original data is encrypted and then broken apart into multiple segments that are then stored in different physical locations. Our MTE Geo Disbursed routing engine allows develops to pick and choose exactly where specific data elements live, for satisfying client requirements, as well as compliances such as GDPR, CCPA and others.
Records in a database can now be secured down to the field level, at a time, while being protected separately, ensuring that each and every piece of sensitive data is individually protected with near zero possibility of a mass breach.


The process for securing data at rest is essentially the same across all our MicroToken solutions
The Digital Vault - Payment Services - CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

Step 1: Replace

1. Replace

Data is replaced with MicroTokens that do not contain any piece of original data.

Step 2: Encrypt

2. Encrypt

Pieces of data are individually encrypted.

Step 3: Separate

3. Separate

Encrypted pieces are broken apart into multiple encrypted segments.

Step 4: Disperse

4. Disperse

Segments are distributed through an array of drives, or can be distributed through our MTE Geo Disbursement engine.

Digital Vault

Convert & store billions of bits of a single data instantly

The Digital Vault can either be consumed as a service where Eclypses provides the servers with the service or it can be installed on your own servers and run internally. There is no limit in size and is applicable to most all forms and types of data. The MicroTokens created for storing the data do not use any part of the original data in their creation - they are similar to credit card tokens but much stronger and safer.

Digital Vault certifications
Digital Vault screenshot

Payment Services

Secure all information not just credit card numbers

Eclypses Payment Services protect every piece of sensitive data individually. Payment instructions and business rules are securely stored for recurring processing and analytics. Our Payment Services solution is easy to implement and eases the burden on PCI compliance for you. Eclypses can work with or replace your current payment processor. We can even manage the entire payment process giving you the freedom to work in whatever way best suits your company.

Payment Services certifications
Payment Services screenshot
    • Protects every piece of sensitive data individually.
    • Payment instructions and business rules securely stored for recurring processing and analytics.
    • Continue with or replace current payment processor/gateway.
    • Custom versatility
Payment Process flow graph


Never worry about the security of your files again

The CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box provides multiple layers of security and an industry leading approach to securing your sensitive data. The CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box allows you to utilize all the functionality and security of the Digital Vault through the ease of a web application.

CertainSafe certifications
CertainSafe screenshot