Eclypses: Encrypted, Emblematic & Explicit Security Solutions for Enterprises

In today’s technologically advanced world “Data is the new oil” and most of the organizations are investing heavily in information technology to deploy the best of cyber defense capabilities and data security solutions which include data encryption, tokenization, and key management practices.

Steven Russo, Executive VP at Eclypses comprehends the importance of cybersecurity and believes in ‘The Best defense is a good offense’, he emphasized “In the age of technological development, data privacy has become even more prevalent than ever before. Long ago, individuals used fireproof safes, solid steel safe boxes or rent safety deposit boxes at banks to preserve all of their critical and confidential information. However, today, it’s all about the digital vault.”

Our hybrid cybersecurity platform, without risking the exploitation of sensitive data, supports and simplifies the capability to analyze, share, and distribute mission critical information seamlessly across multiple platforms

Steven is very passionate about cybersecurity, he has been available for many Keynote speaking engagements. Additionally, he had published a host of security white papers and articles, many of which have been featured by larger, highly respected and read publications.

‘MicroTokenization and MicroEncryption’, Zeroing the Possibility of Data Breach

A new security paradigm is required to secure sensitive data in the landscape of defense breach. Today’s information sharing requires trusted, self-sufficient secured data backed by the best technology. This new technological paradigm must provide enterprises with complete assurance that the information is genuine, unaltered and completely trustworthy and unavailable to internal or external exploitation and it must ensure that only the right people get access to the right information at the right time.

Eclypses, a leading disruptive cybersecurity company based on a new security paradigm like Microtokenization® and Micro Encryption®replaces real data with MicroTokens so that in case of network breaches the real data doesn’t become exposed, Additionally, each individual piece of sensitive data is encrypted, including individualised files. This unique technique is much more secure than standard encryption and makes a mass breach almost impossible – it’s the highest level of data security and privacy available.

Microtokenization and MicroEncryption capabilities ensure that data will be masked and unavailable to exploitation in the event of traditional network defense breach.MicroEncryption is a smarter, ultra-secure solution that replaces sensitive customer data, down to the byte level if desired, with MicroTokens that are useless to hackers. Based on the Eclypses MicroTokenExchange (MTE) technology, an extremely high level of end-to-end privacy is provided by creating a secure on or off-premise Private Digital Vault.

Digital Vault: Instantaneous Transformation & Storage of Multimillion Bits of a Data

Eclypses provides Digital Vault which can either act as a server with the service or it can be installed on organizational servers and run internally. There is no limit in size and is applicable to most all forms and types of data. The MicroTokens created for storing the data do not use any part of the original data in their creation – they are similar to credit card tokens but much stronger and safer. The Eclypses Digital Vault provides not only security, but speed and accessibility, at the rate of more than 60,000,000 microTokens per minute.

Payment Services: An Integrated Security

Eclypses Payment Services protect every piece of sensitive data individually. Payment instructions and business rules are securely stored for recurring processing and analytics. This Payment Services solution is easy to implement and eases the burden on PCI compliance for businesses. Eclypses can work with or facilitate the replacement of a current payment processor. It can also manage the entire payment process giving the freedom to work in whatever way best suits the company

Certainsafe: Safeguarding Data

The Eclypses Digital Vault enables secure data protection and proven to be powerful enough for government- military, enterprise as well as consumers. Its architecture provides multilayered cybersecurity and threat protection for “Digital Information”. The application utilizes an expiatory dynamic, real-time token transformation capability that prevents sensitive data from being hacked. This groundbreaking technology provides a level of security that is required to protect data well into the future.

The CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box, a cloud based platform for online file storage and collaboration, provides multiple layers of security and an industry leading approach to securing the enterprise’s sensitive data. The CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box allows businesses to utilize all the functionality and security of the Digital Vault through the ease of a web application.

Api Web Services: Pragmatic Customized Security at Fingertips.

Eclypses architecture provides flexibility to facilitate custom solutions. Eclypses compliments existing or new applications and does not require replacing what already have in place.

Eclypses technology solutions are applicable on a global basis across dozens of industries including healthcare, financial services, hospitality, retail, energy/smart grid, supply chain management, and government service sectors. Its innovative processes make data stored in any cloud fully usable and accessible while maintaining the highest levels of security.