Securing Data In Transit

Eclypses MicroToken™ solution for securing data in TRANSIT

Compatible with ANY Communication Protocol

Eclypses MicroToken Exchange®(MTE) is designed to work in the application layer of your system. For commands to connected and or intelligent devices, MTE replaces your command with a MicroToken™ just before transmission. Once the transmission packet has reached the receiving endpoint, it is then translated back into the original command by referencing a paired library.
MTE can additionally be utilized to send larger data elements, while acting as a hybrid key management system, allowing for ultra-high security, very high speeds and very low latency. For example, when sending live streaming video with MTE security, the added latency is less than a few milliseconds.
Our newest application allows for the deployment of MTE within Web Assembly framework, to secure sensitive transmissions to and from webservers. Eclypses MTE is an elegant architecture and provides an unprecedented level of protection.

implementation flow chart

Layers of Security

Layers of security hub and spoke
Paired Libraries
MicroTokens only execute pre-programmed commands which are stored in paired libraries and are meaningless if intercepted.
Every send and receive command is obfuscated.
Digital Chaff
MicroTokens are hidden within "digital chaff".
Randomly Sized Packets
Randomly-sized MicroToken packets ensure that pattern recognition is impossible.
Instantly Obsolete
Commands are instantly replaced making any previous token for that command obsolete.
Time Stamps
MicroToken packets are time-stamped, eliminating any threat of a command being held and used at a later time.
Use Existing Hardware
Compatible with existing communication protocols and computing platforms, requiring NO changes to existing systems.


Prevents malicious attacks or tampering from affecting unauthorized actions that expose systems to unacceptable vulnerabilities.

No Disruption

Enhanced security without adding new protocols or changing existing data communications from one device to the other.

Seamless & Flexible

Works with and compliments existing infrastructure, OEM's, and companies with both existing and pre-built components or systems.


Implementing the Eclypses MTE requires minimal lines of code, simply calling three functions.

Method 1: Pair

1. Pair

Call the BuildStartupPacketmethod to initiate the pairing between controller and receiving devices.

Method 2: Construct

2. Construct

Call the BuildPacket method before sending a command to construct the secure MTE packet.

Method 3: Deconstruct

3. Deconstruct

Call the DeconstructPacket method on the receiving end to translate the MTE packet into the original command.

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