MicroToken Exchange for Data in Motion

The MicroToken Exchange (MTE) is based on a simple idea: data can be hacked, intercepted, and stolen while traveling from one point to another over the Internet, so stop using real data. Eclypses' MTE solution removes the real data and replaces it with MicroTokens which are useless to cyber criminals. Tokenization technology protects any form of data over any type of network.

Each piece of information is independently tokenized and scrambled. MTE for data in motion is perfect for safeguarding system commands and video streams in IoT and drone applications - no key management is required.

MicroToken Exchange for Data at Rest

Eclypses' MicroToken Exchange (MTE) stops mass data breaches. Never expose real data to unauthorized actions when stored on file servers located in data centers, collocated or distributed across the cloud.

After each piece of information is independently tokenized, MTE further protects stored data by atomizing it. The data is broken apart into multiple encrypted and unrelated segments and then dispersed. These individual "micro-pieces" are scattered through an array of varying and randomized hard drives.

MicroToken Exchange Presentation at the 2017 Plug and Play Summer Summit

David Schoenberger, Chief Innovation Officer at of Eclypses, gives a great three minute summary of the MicroToken Exchange at the 2017 Plug and Play Summer Summit.

Cybersecurity Interview with SCN Corporate Connect

Eclypses CEO John Nachef of Eclypses sits down with Jane King at SCN Corporate Connect to discuss the innovative cybersecurity approach of the MicroToken Exchange.

GAMIC Automotive Presentation

Steve Russo, EVP of Eclypses, gives a presentation for the GAMIC Competition.